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Amethyst Beauty Booster
Amethyst Beauty Booster
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Amethyst Beauty Booster

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The Amethyst Beauty Booster is a vibrating facial massager that uses sonic technology (6,000 pulses per minute) to give your skin, face, jaw and temples an extra boost. Suitable for most skin types, the Amethyst Beauty Booster is a wonderful way to give yourself an effective and soothing facial massage at home!

With regular use, you may notice a difference in skin tone, elasticity, facial tension, puffiness and redness. Most importantly, this beauty booster allows beauty products to penetrate deeper into the skin for better absorption.

Each gemstone is unique due to naturally occurring formations, and may vary slightly in color. Approximate dimensions: 6"x1.5”


* Open battery cover by turning base clockwise and insert 1xAA battery
* Turn counterclockwise to seal base
* Apply facial oil, serum, or clean to cleansed and toned skin
* With gentle pressure, glide the too upwards and outwards along the neck, chin, jawline, lip area, cheeks, under eyes, brow area, and forehead

* Use for 2 -3 minutes daily or as needed. Do not use on irritated skin, cuts, lesions, or open wounds.


* After each use, clean gemstone tip with a soft, dry cloth
* Do not allow base to come in contact with any moisture or water; this may corrode the battery and case the tool to stop working
* Store tool in a dry place at room temperature
* Change to a new battery when vibration begins to weaken

* Remove battery if tool will not be used for an extended period of time

Please note: this information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Patty Liu is a San Francisco native and moon-loving night owl with a passion for holistic beauty & wellness. In 2017, she started Free Flow Botanicals with the desire to help every woman live her best life - flowing free and inspiring change. Patty proudly offers The Gorgeous Skin from Within Method (1:1 coaching), holistic beauty classeshigh vibrational skincare products, and distance Reiki sessions. She also manages the Holistic Beauty Collective, an plant-based community for learning and connection. Learn more about Patty by visiting her website or Schedule a 30 min Beauty Coaching Session to learn more and see if you and Patty are a great fit to work together. Patty offers many educational, informative beauty + wellness videos, how to's, tips and tricks. Follow her on Instagram to learn more about your skincare tool @freeflowbotanicals.